Special Event Station

2018 EAA Special Event Station Sign-up Opens !


The sign-up for this years EAA Special Event Station is now open to
all FCARC members. Sign up will be opening to all ARRL members
latter in March 2018. Sign up will be drawing to a close on
May 07 2018. This has to be done so the EAA can finalize their
planning to accommodate us during the event.

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2017 EAA Special Event Station Results


I have compiled a summary of our operations for the W9ZL 2017 EAA Special Event
Station operations at EAA Airventure 2017. In spite of poor radio band conditions the Event had a successful operation for 2017, logging 937 total contacts. The majority of these contacts (693) where made on the 20-meter radio band (14.260 MHz) again due to band conditions causing poor propagation for the 40-meter band (7.250 MHz). A bonus this year was openings on the 6-meter band occurred daily starting on Thursday afternoon.

Here is a summary of the stations daily numbers:

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