Communityfest 2017

The weather is finally nice and with it summertime events like CommunityFest are fast approaching! This event is a great way to enjoy the summer sun, festivities, and company of other hams.

This is a unique event for several reasons. First, it's the 4th of July, which is a Tuesday this year.
This means fireworks to finish off the day. It's also an all-day event (for the few who choose to stay that long) that starts at 6am and runs until roughly 10pm. Most people will work a 3 hour shift prior to eating some excellent food, however if you are only able to help for an hour or so that is OK as well. There are games, food, and other activities happening all day at Riverside Park. It's a great place to take the kids. This event spans two different parks as well - encompassing Doty Park across the river where we are assigned to keep people out of Doty Park until the fireworks are done. We will need a minimum of seven people per shift, however I would like to have a few more per shift, in order to make the event easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Also if you have friends or family, who are not licensed, bring them along too! We have access to city radios for those people.

Contact Tim Hale KC9FSH for further information about the event or to sign-up.