EAA Special Event Reminder

The sign-up for this years EAA Special Event Station is now open
to all ARRL members and will be drawing sign-up to a close later
in the month of May.
This has to be done so the EAA can finalize their planning into accommodate us
during the event.

We will operate 5 days -- Wednesday through Sunday, during the show
(July 27 thru July 31,2016). This operating event is open to all
license classes. We will operate 2 HF stations, one on 20m, one
on 40m, 6-meter SSB, plus local communications on 2-meters. The
club call, W9ZL, will be used throughout the event.

We are looking for both "AM" and "PM" operators covering each of the 5
days. You can sign up for one shift or more if you so desire. The event
is open to all of the amateur community. If operators sign up for a 4
hour shift, they will be given a daily wristband that will allow them
to go and wonder around the Fly-in.

Starting with the 2016 Kidventure the EAA has instituted a Youth Protection
Program. Be sure to participate in this program so you can operaate
at the 2016 FCARC EAA Special Event Station. A link is provided on the website
sign-up page to guide you to the Youth Protection Program.

For further information and to sign up to operate the event go to:
The sign up form is available at the Event Sign-ups tab on the W9ZL website

Or you may contact Jon Oldenburg AB9AH at:

Hope to see you all soon!

Jon Oldenburg AB9AH
Special Event Coordinator
EAA AirVenture 2016